Best Pick Report 2013

“I love the work they did. I remodeled my kitchen and my bathroom, and they did quite a bit of work all through my h…” [Read More]
“Premier Kitchen & Bath gets an A+ from me. I think everything they did was fine, and I have no complaints. It was a…” [Read More]
“I’d give Premier Kitchen & Bath an A+. I have no problems with them, and they’re easy to work with. They show up wh…” [Read More]
“Everything went excellent with Premier Kitchen & Bath. They put countertops down in a bar area and installed the ti…” [Read More]
“Premier Kitchen & Bath didn’t leave a mess like other contractors did. They did a great job. They made two vanities…” [Read More]
“They had to completely redo our shower, and they did a great job. They had put the shower in originally when the h…” [Read More]
“They’re an A+. They did a fine job making a countertop for me, and the work was fast. I appreciate that they offer…” [Read More]
“I was very happy with them. They replaced a couple of countertops with sinks. They were very courteous and neat, an…” [Read More]
“They did a great job installing my kitchen countertops. Everything about the experience was good. I’d give them an…” [Read More]
“They did a great job on my kitchen countertops and backsplash. They finished the work in a timely fashion and did w…” [Read More]