Best Pick Report 2014

“I’ve been using Premier Kitchen & Bath for about 20 years. They do a great job, and they do what they promise. Recently, they installed granite countertops for me. They’re an A+.”
“Premier Kitchen & Bath installed a bathroom countertop for me. I loved the quality of their work, and the products were really nice. I’m going to have them work on my master bath too. The workers were really nice. I would absolutely recommend them to others—I’d give them an A+.”
“Premier Kitchen & Bath installed two bathroom countertops for me. The guy who came out to measure my countertops was very professional, and the installers answered all my questions and did a good job. My mom had them do work on her home, and I’m going to have them back to do another bathroom. I really like them and the way they do business—A+.”
“The service and quality of work were good—it was top-notch work. They got it done in a quick enough fashion. They retiled my stand-up shower and installed the frameless glass. I didn’t have to call them back out to do something they didn’t get done right the first time. They were referred to me by my father—they did some work for him as well. I would absolutely recommend them. They’re an A+.”
“Premier Kitchen & Bath did work for me. They provided the marble for our kitchen. It turned out very well—we are satisfied with the work that was done and the installation that followed the order. We had, I would say, a good relationship, and we had a very good selection  that was delivered. The specifications were exact, in terms of measurements, and the installation by the crew was done well. We heard of  them through our son, who has done business with the company. It was probably not quite perfect—I would rate them an A-.”
“Premier Kitchen has done work for me. They were on time, and they did what they said they were going to do. I heard of them through a friend of mine. I would refer them. They put in granite countertops. The work is holding up fine. I’d give them an A+. I was very happy.”
“They finished the work last night, and they did a really great job. They replaced the backsplash in my bathroom. I would say they deserve an A.”
“Everything was fine—the work has held up. The workers completed it in a timely manner. They installed a vanity top. They were a personal referral. Nothing really stood out about them, but I would recommend them, and I would use them again. I would give Premier Kitchen an A.”
“I thought it was good value for the money. The workmanship was excellent, and they were very easy people to work with—they were punctual, everything they said they would do they did, and they did it very well. I would definitely give them an A+.”
“I thought Premier Kitchen did a very good job for a very good price. I knew about them because I walk my dog by their place every other day. They put in a tub surround—cultured marble, or whatever they call it. I didn’t have to call them back to fix or change anything—the work is holding up perfect. I’d rate them an A+.”